Surprised By Love

It has been two weeks since I’ve written anything in my “weekly” blog. I’ve had a few random, minor outbreaks of words since then, that might turn into future entries but nothing that seemed to want to grow just yet. I’ve decided to be okay with that and try again.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was feeling more than a little off two weeks ago after forgetting my meds for almost two days. I felt much more stable after a few days and am doing very well now. My life has been very full and uplifting since my last entry.

I’ve been enjoying a new friendship that has grown into a budding romantic relationship. Her name is Ivy. The only catch is that we live in different cities. I made a couple of trips to Calgary to enjoy two concerts with Ivy and she’s been to Red Deer for a couple of our band’s gigs. We’ve also been making good use of Facebook chat to keep getting to know each other. Not bad for a new long-distance relationship but it’s still distance (sigh).

I do want to encourage my readers that it’s true, life can change for the better when you least expect it. Life is always full of surprises and mysteries waiting to be discovered. The worst mistake we can make is to give up on life. Hang in there, even when the way is dark. You never know when and where the light can shine through the cracks in a wounded, lonely life.

So what else is on my mind? Not much I’m afraid – I’m pretty preoccupied these days (LOL). I know I’ll settle back down eventually and get more writing done...

In the meantime, until next time, I wish you wellness.


Thank you for your post! I am inspired!!

Thanks, Jude! I'm glad you're inspired!

Glad you mentioned me Terrence. its going to be fun fun!! Oh,... it is fun fun already! Being twitterpated is not just for Bambi! :)

I had to talk about you. You're right! Fun stuff!

Love Rising

Like a pale moon rising,
it swells the heart til it can be contained no more by mere ribs,
bursts from the cage; flies forth up to the infinite heavens,
where it sails like a kite on a strong wind,
the string of tautness the excited tension of new love.

Love Ivy

heart Thank you Ivy! You've written a beautiful piece there and I feel honored by it! My heart sails too. Thank you! heart

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