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I was born at an early age and I found it to be a bewildering experience. Now, 58 years later, I'm still working at getting over the confusion. I suppose that's part of what I'm up to in this blog. Sometimes I'm not sure what I think until I write it out. Sometimes I feel the need to sort out and resolve incomplete processes from the past. Sometimes I just want to have fun though.

There's all kinds of reasons to write, but why make the process public?

Besides sorting things out or having fun, there's another, bigger reason why I've decided to start blogging. I want other people like me to know they are not alone. I've realized that people like me form a larger audience than I thought. We all seem to exist on a set of continuums and can relate to each other on at least some of them.

One continuum that we share is our degree of mental wellness. Where we are on that continuum varies with time and circumstance but there is a range that we find ourselves existing in most of the time. For some, that range includes mental illness. In that territory it is hugely important to know that others are there and that others have been there and found their way through. Suffering is worse when one suffers alone. It's easier to get lost in it and stay there when you feel alone.

What I've realized is that from time to time most of us can relate to having difficult or depressing thoughts and suffering even if it isn't to the degree that would be called mental illness. The skills and understanding that will help deal with mental illness are applicable to all of us for maintaining wellness. I think I have learned things that can help just about anyone.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995 but as I've learned and grown, I recognize the traces of that illness back to my early teen years. The nature of bipolar disorder is that it is cyclical and chronic. In other words, there's ups and downs that keep coming back. But sometimes there is a lull, a stable period, between the highs and lows. In these times of relative wellness I function well enough to say that I've come through and to share how I did it. It doesn't matter if it comes again, I still got through it and can do it again.

Something that I have learned how to come through again and again is the low, the period of suicidal thinking. I know that others struggle with such times as well and that even now lives are on the line. I also know that people who care often feel helpless when wanting to help someone who is struggling mentally. Because of that, I feel a sense of mission and purpose to offer what I can when I can.

At the same time, I feel fears and reluctance to be this public with my inner life. I've tried this before and have ended up erasing my efforts and gone back into hiding. This time I've resolved to face my darkness and those fears to let my efforts stand. But that's another blog entry.

In the meantime, until next time, I wish you wellness.


Thanks for sharing Terrence. You are brave & one never knows who your words may resonate with. Much Love & wellness to you! Keep on keepin' on.

Thanks Jody!

Congratulations. .Terrance. ..
This is very courageous. ..
I'm not sure
What blogging is...our how yoy reach an audience
I do know...
Reaching out...
Is challanging and
Mental wellness...
Mental awareness..
A big conversation. ..
possibilities ...
For discovery and connection...
Best of EVERYTHING. ..
In your travels through...
This endeavour..
Love and laughter..

Thanks Jacquie!

Hey Terrence! Great writing and very courageous of you!

Thanks Terri!

Terrence, this is an awesome blog, and you have such a great writing style! Thank you for sharing these personal experiences and perspectives - I am learning about you, and about me! And I admire your courage to go public ... :-) ... so awesome.

Thanks Andrea!

You are a very strong person and my admiration for all that you do is huge.

Thank you Lynda!

Happy to be reading your writing : )

Thanks, Jude!

Thanks for your words. I also have ups and downs and am learning to stay with myself during them instead of the many distractions available!
All the best and I look forward to following your blog.

Thanks Denise! I like that "stay with myself" idea. Very powerful!

Thanks, Terrence!

Thanks for reading, Karin!

I enjoyed reading your blog

Thanks Angie!

Hi Terrence, I think this is a great idea and will be helpful to many people. I find that sometimes when I share my story someone else says, "hey, thats me too, I'm not alone." t helps…… Looking forward to reading more.

Thanks Ivy! That common ground is powerful when shared. It can be sacred space.

I knew ou could do it ,you will be a blessing to others and encourage them asyou grow . Life lessons can be chalenging and my friend I am proud of you.!

Thanks Elizabeth!

i loved it. you and this will stay the coarse. that's all

Thanks, James!

Thanks Uncle Terry. You're a great person and I love you. I have bookmarked and plan to frequent your page.

Thanks for your love and support, Erin! I love you too! And thanks for reading!